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The two buildings that constitutes Totobe Resort were completed respectively in 2001 and 2010. The houses are built in a neo-primitive style, and combine the best from the traditional rancho with modern materials and lighting. The interior are characterized by relaxed beach living, and the locally made furniture of cedar wood adds a feeling of comfort. Form and color plays with the natural surroundings, and rustic, traditional materials mix pleasantly with more modern elements. The floor and parts of the interior are cast in cold cement, and the generous, spacious roof maximizes the summer shadow, and gives an effective, environmental friendly replacement for air-conditioning.

On the ground floor in both houses you`ll find a spacious living area, a bathroom, and an open kitchen with a bar. In this open part of the house you are surrounded by beautiful nature and the sounds from the sea.

Set in the 1.floor, the guest rooms are designed in an indigenous style in order to blend with the surrounding environment. All in all we offer 5 double rooms. Each room is equipped with a comfortable double bed and big windows that opens to the Pacific Ocean. The solution here allows more private areas and shelter from the surroundings.