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Getting there

There are several airlines that offer flights to Costa Rica. Continental is a cheap and fast alternative. Iberia has inexpensive daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona, but then you have to get to Spain first. If you`re flying from Europe through USA make sure to register electronically through ESTA. Citizens of most nations are required to have a passport that is valid for at least 30 days beyond the date of return from Costa Rica. Most guests arrive at Juan Santamaria airport in San José. If you’re arriving in San José in the evening, you can spend a night here before you continue your journey. The airport is approximately 20 minutes from the city center. There is a wide range of accommodations in San José, but Posada El Quijote has gotten excellent reviews from former guests. The hotel is located in a suburb of San José with an exceptional view of the city and the valley, yet with easy access to the city center and the airport. There are four ways of getting to Totobe Resort from San José:

1. Although there are various alternative routes listed below, the easiest is by a regional flight. Two air lines fly daily to Punta Islita: SANSA and NATUREAIR. NATUREAIRs flights departs from Pavas regional airport and SANSAs from Juan Santamaria (the international airport you probably landed at). The flight takes 30-40 minutes, and provides you with the best view of the highlands and the Pacific coast. From Punta Islita you will be transported to Totobe Resort, a fifteen minute drive.

2. We will pick you up at the airport, or in your hotel, if you choose to spend one or more nights in San José. We drive the shortest way possible to Totobe Resort; you can just relax and watch the world go by. Approximately 4 hours. The cost is $110 including a snack.

3. Getting there is half the fun!

Rent a car in San José and drive to Playa San Miguel. There are three recommended routes from San José to Totobe Resort by car. They all take about four hours, the last part of the road are in all cases dirt road. We recommend you rent a car with four-wheel drive for as effortless drive as possible. Mapache is a Costa Rican owned car rental. They are 100% carbon neutral as well as dedicated to offering a high quality car fleet. Mapache can bring your car to the airport, your hotel in San José, or to Punta Islita. Renting a car outside of San José, the car rental companies usually have a minimum-three-day-policy.


a) By ferry from Puntarenas. Leave San José on Route 1 (Pan-American Highway). Follow signs to San Ramon, Guanacaste, Nicaragua. The highway has an exit to Atenas on your right hand side. Drive through Atenas, and then towards Orotina. Pass through Orotina as well. Now head towards Caldera. On your way to Caldera there is an exit to Puntarenas. Follow the signs till you reach Puntarenas and the ferry. There are ferries for different destinations departing from Puntarenas. The ferry you`re looking for is bound for Playa Naranja. The car and passenger ferry operates quite frequently, see schedules. Remember money for ferry (just over 7000 colon for car and driver). The crossing takes about one hour and is in itself beautiful and relaxing. But it’s a good idea to be in good time before departure. There may be queue for the ferry at Christmas and Easter. When you arrive in Playa Naranja, head for Jicaral (where you should also fill your tank). In Jicaral turn left by the church and follow the dirt road to San Fransisco de Coyote. In Coyote turn right again, and after a fifteen minute drive you will reach Playa San Miguel. The other two routes are both crossing The Puente de las Amistad-bridge. As above, choose the Pan-American Highway to San Ramon, Guanacaste, Nicaragua. After about two hours you reach an intersection; follow the directions to the Puente de las Amistad-bridge. Between the exits to Puntarenas and Puente de las Amistad-bridge we suggest you make two stops: Look for Restaurante Caballo Blanco on the right side. The chef here will make you a lovely meal before you continue the rest of your journey to Playa San Miguel. If you`re travelling with children, they will be thrilled if you make a stop at Mega Fauna Park, a dinosaur park inspired by Jurassic Park (which by the way were filmed in Costa Rica). The park is on your left, 17 km after the exit to Miramar Shell gas station. After crossing the Amistad-bridge you have two options:

b) For the more adventurous among you there is the route over the mountains. This is the quickest and most beautiful, but also the most complicated route. Pay attention, because it`s easy to make the wrong turn. Drive to Carmona and through the city. To get out of the city on the correct road, you will have to drive over a new steel bridge. Drive up the mountain towards Bejuco. Follow the road till you get to Pueblo Nuevo, where the road splits at the top of a football court. Continue straight ahead. Cross two bridges and go up a hill. When you reach the top of the hill, you can look down at Playa San Miguel.

c) The other option is to drive in the direction towards Jicaral just after crossing Puente de las Amistad-bridge. On your way to Jicaral, there is an exit to Pilas de Canhel. Drive down here, and then straight ahead. Just before San Fransisco de Coyote you will meet route a). Follow route a) from here. For more detailed instructions, see http://theflyingscorpion.com/arrive.html.

4. It is more economical and environmentally friendly, as well as an experience for the more backpacking-minded, to take the bus from San José. You can take the bus to Samara, Bejuco or Jicaral. About 4 h to Jicaral, and 5 h to Samara and Bejuco. From here you can take a taxi, or we can pick you up (please ask for the cost). The bus goes by ferry from Puntarenas to Playa Naranja, and has priority on the ferry. Bus-schedules at www.visitcostarica.com or costa-rica-guide.com. Two times a day there is also a bus going from San José all the way to Playa San Miguel with Empreza Arza. The drive takes about 6 h. First departure from San José is 6 am-arrival 12 am. The next departure is 3.30 pm with arrival at 9 pm. Map At your arrival Our contact in Playa San Miguel will welcome you at your house when you arrive. He will show you around, and tell you where to go in Playa San Miguel. We will have a small meal prepared for you whenever you arrive.

At your arrival Our contact in Playa San Miguel will welcome you at your house when you arrive. He will show you around, and tell you where to go in Playa San Miguel. We will have a small meal prepared for you whenever you arrive.