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Worth knowing

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A ten minute drive from Totobe Resort, in Pueblo Nuevo, you`ll find a local grocery store. Within walking distance from Totobe there are several little restaurants and bars that serve good and inexpensive food. It is also possible to buy fresh fish from local fishermen.

The ocean holds a nice temperature all year trough. Just behind the rancho there is a natural brackish water pool, where the water is calm and relatively shallow. Suitable for peaceful swims and children.

At Playa San Miguel there is literary no crime, and this makes the area a perfect destination for families. The locals are relaxed and friendly. They love to chat, but if you don’t speak any Spanish at all, the conversation might be over before it started.

You`ll find drugstore, medical center and cash machine in Jicaral, a one hour drive from Totobe Resort. In Jicaral you`ll also find a big supermarket. Bring a cooling bag from Totobe for your shopping.