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The Costa Rican have great confidence in fresh food and fruit. The food is tasty, but mild, spiced with onion, coriander or sweet pepper. In the coastal areas fresh fish are frequently served, as are ceviche, where the fish is “cooked” in lemon juice. Costa Rican also love meat and chicken, prepared in different ways, but often grilled. Gallo pinto is the basis course in Costa Rica. It’s a simple course made of rice and black beans (sometimes red), spiced with onion, garlic or finely chopped sweet peppers. For lunch and dinner Costa Ricans eat variations of a course containing rice, beans, meat/chicken/fish and salad. The choice and quality of fruit in Costa Rica are impressive, and they serve fruit for breakfast, dessert and snacks. Because of the growing tourist industry in Costa Rica, impulses from international kitchens has made their impact on many restaurants, but in most places outside of the mainstream tourist areas they still serve the simple, traditional food.

Costa Rican coffee is excellent, and Costa Ricans make delicious fruit juices in innumerable combinations. They drink a light beer, mixed with loads of ice for refreshing effect