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Finca Totobe

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This is the authentic Guanacaste. The Guanacaste province has been called ”the wild west of Costa Rica”, mainly because the economy in the area to an extent is based on cattle farming. In Guanacaste you can meet local cowboys - the sabaneros - on horse with broad brimmed hats and lassoes hanging from the saddle. We are visiting a former cattle farm transformed into a teak- and fruit tree plantation, a withdrawn oasis in the middle of pastures and rolling hills. There are several cattle farming horses on the plantation, and we take you for a ride past waterfalls and rivers, and partly follow the paths used by the cowboys.  Maybe we will meet some sabaneros with a bunch of cattle in front of them.

At the plantation the fruit trees and flowers are blossoming in the steaming tropical sunshine. Birds plunge and sway in the branches announcing their playacting with an outburst of shrieks. Numerous hummingbirds drinks nectar from exotic flowers, and the fruit trees attracts monkeys and other exiting creatures that come here to eat. (Please ask for the cost.)