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Paddling in the mangrove forest

Totobe Resort is uniquely located between two totally different ecosystems. On the one hand you have tropical dry forest and on the other a mangrove forest. (Mangrove forests are brackish water swamps with trees accustomed to the extremely moist environment). The transition between two totally different living environments, which you literary can see from Totobe Resort, clearly illustrates the tremendous variation in habitats in Costa Rica.

Mangroves are protected in Costa Rica because they play an important part for many water-existing organisms. The water is rich on nutrition, and algae provide fish and mollusks. Under the vast root systems shells, crabs and shrimps are hiding, and birds are nesting in the mangrove forest`s canopy.

Water is flowing slowly into the mangroves through water corridors, which are suitable for paddling. Move through a world of moss covered, towering threes and dark recesses. The mangrove is a place of peace, like a vast cathedral, strangely silent and majestic. Sit still for a while in the kayak, and the animals and birds will get used to your presence and emerge from behind the roots.

We have kayaks for rent, and can give you a tour in the mangrove at your request. (Please ask for the cost.)